Undergraduate Dissertation

The final dissertation is a specific academic activity for the International Relations graduation, and it is a pedagogic resource that articulates transversally International relations fundamentals and issues learnt by the students along their academic path. As such, it demands students to elaborate a monograph by the end of the program that should unite International Relations field content taught during the courses. Hence, it is a mandatory condition for the bachelor in International Relations.

Its development comprehends three stages that are common to any scientific endeavor: a) formulating a research project during the Undergraduate Dissertation Project course; b) executing this project as a scientific investigation under the supervision of a professor during the Undergraduate Dissertation courses (Monograph I and II); and c) presenting results as a monograph that will be evaluated by a three-professors evaluation commission.

Undergraduate Dissertation courses are composed of Monograph I, with a total workload of 72 hours, divided into 34 hours of supervision and 38 hours of student autonomous activities; and Monograph II, with a total workload of 110 hours, divided into 34 hours of supervision and 76 hours of student autonomous activities.

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