Carreer Center


PUC Minas undergraduates in International Relations are able to exercise the following skills and abilities:

a) Formulating and executing international insertion strategies for state and non-state actors within a number of fields – trade, economy, politics and culture.

b) Planning, formulating, and negotiating contracts, deals, projects, and agreements of private and public nature involving national and international actors, intergovernmental and supranational institutions, and foreign agencies for exchange and cooperation.

c) Mediating conflicts of diverse natures between actors, groups, collectivities, and political entities of international character.

d) Preparing for performing specific skills in foreign policy and foreign affairs both within diplomatic carrier or state offices directed to foreign action.

e) Dialoguing and executing activities within the economic field concerning imports and exports; market prospecting; scenario formulation for investing; strategic planning for private; public and state actors foreign projection.

f) Intermediating and fund-raising at multilateral offices or foreign development agencies within educational, cultural, business, non-governmental, and exchange and research realms.

g) Analyzing and formulating foreign contracts and agreements for private and state agents based upon domestic normative parameters and upon those that regulate external relations at international organizations.

h) Producing risk analysis on a number of market opportunities, as well interpreting regional, national, and international conjuncture and structure on specific themes and problems concerning state, public and private actors foreign projection.