PUC Minas Department of International Relations created the Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in International Relations in 2007 as a master degree, after CAPES approved this initiative in 2006. In 2017, the Program scored 5 (very good) at CAPES rank that classifies nationally offered graduate programs in a quality scale from 1 to 7. In 2011, CAPES recommended its doctorate degree within similar concentration areas previously planned for the master: International Politics; International Institutions; Conflicts and International Inequalities.

The Graduate Program in International Relations is aimed at International Relations bachelors or graduate students from other Human and Social Sciences areas. It is also opened for professionals graduated in other fields that have interest or experience with International Politics.

Currently, the Department of International Relations does not offer any Lato Sensu Graduate Program.

Graduate Program in International Relations - Academic Collegiate
Prof. Dr. Javier Alberto Vadell
Coordinator of the Graduate Program in International Relations

Prof. Dra. Rashmi Singh
Academic Collegiate

Prof. Dr. Leonardo César Souza Ramos
Academic Collegiate

Graduate Carolina Archanjo Portes Ferreira
Students representative

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