Research and Projects Lab (LPPRI)

The Research and Projects Lab (LPPRI) brings together teaching, study and research activities developed within the scope of the Department of International Relations. It aims to the development of new methodologies for intervening in the international reality. We work with public and private organizations developing procedures of strategic diagnosis and action to promote the internationalization of state and non-state actions, international funding and cooperation in its different modalities.

Each of the Department’s undergraduation programs conducts activities within the scope of the Research and Projects Lab according to their specific demands. The activities at campus Coração Eucarístico focus on the International Cooperation Observatory (OCI) and on the development of two databases: one of undergraduate research and dissertations, and another one gathering information about the Professor’s research. At campus Praça da Liberdade the focus is on the development of the Modelling and Skills Lab.

International Cooperation Observatory

Undergraduate research and Dissertations
To access our databases please contact to request login and password.

Contact us
Research and Projects Lab
Campus Coração Eucarístico
Coordinator: Prof. Onofre dos Santos Filho
Dom José Gaspar Avenue, 500 – Building 43, Room 405
Coração Eucarístico
Zip Code: 30.535-901 - Belo Horizonte - MG
Phone number: +553133194496

Modelling and Skills Lab
Campus Praça da Liberdade
Coordinator: Prof. Jorge Mascarenhas Lasmar
Brasil Avenue, 2.023 – Building 1, Edifício Dom Cabral
Zip Code: 30.140-002 – Belo Horizonte – MG
Phone number: +553132693254