Students Exchange Programs

The Department of International Relations students have the possibility to study part of the Undergraduate Program abroad at one of the many PUC Minas partners. This is a great opportunity for students that wish to have the experience of living abroad or to improve a foreign language. Students can choose among hundreds of partner universities located in different countries.

International Relations undergraduates that have a global average grade higher than 70% can apply for the exchange program between the fourth and the sixth semesters. By means of covenants signed with many institutions abroad, PUC Minas undergraduate can spend a semester abroad without having to pay for their studies. The accomplished credits must be submitted for Academic Collegiate approval in order to be exempted from courses here. There is also the possibility of programs for foreign language studies.

Graduate Program students can do part of their courses or research at a partner university abroad through master and doctorate sandwiches. Beyond that, they have the possibility of developing their thesis under a co-supervision regime with a foreign institution. In this case, after thesis approval, student can have the degree from both institutions.

For further information, access Alunos.